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Whats your choice of Chronograph for use in load development, also is anyone using a Labradar, is it right they don't operate in low temperatures?

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I have a plain ole chrony. It isn't anything special but it gives a reasonably constant read out, load fps readings vary 10 》 20 fps however carefully I load. Factory loads do also.

Whatever you get , don't make the mistake of doing what one pistol shooter did years ago. He took his New chrno to the range and in front of the assembled shooters he took careful aim and with the first shot he planted the bullet right into the front of the box tube.!!! The whole thing exploded into a thousand bits and the crowd was a mix of dropped jaw and side splitting laughter.

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I have agog standard crony already, but in poor light during winter normally in afternoon it won't work, so I'm about to try some LED's fitted to the diffuser to see if it performs better..

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Yeah, the opaque white  plastic sky strips on mine got brittle and snapped in half. I taped them back together as I didn't have replacements. I did eventually see some but they were a small fortune for what they are. I made some out of scrap plastic. Results are very variable or non existant without the light diffusers. 

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