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Working Border Terrier Club, what happened?

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What happened to the above after Jonny Bluck started it? Did it ever get started or did it fail & was a waste of time? 

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Never been on this site for years & by all accounts so far he hasn’t changed his ways. All about the money & attention. Do people still buy his books? 

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took the ££££££ and then closed it down...Still has his little band of followers some on here as well LOL

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10 hours ago, Rabbit Hunter said:

Last I heard he had a top line of pure bred Russells on the go?

Lining his pockets more like it.

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5 hours ago, baker boy said:

He bought a load of white dogs off D.B well known peddler from west Wales, no line just stuff DB had bought in or traded

Do not buy anything off D.B all junk he breeds shi*t and talks sh*t too

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