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Was curious to know what is the highest ft/lbs anyone got out of webley osprey, standard or once tuned and if once tuned was smooth or just a cycling failure?

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This post should really be in the Airgun Technical section, different kind of maintenance.

I think the Ospreys were limited to about 10 foot pounds.

The Tracker (carbine) and Viscount (full length) that followed it had a larger cylinder and could produce more oomph.

The Osprey is still a nice side lever air rifle.  Capable of hunting, just know your limitations.



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Cheers mate. Yeh I heard they were at best 9/10 ft lb air rifles but was curious of the outcomes of tuning projects on these rifles?

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I had a tracker years ago and played around with it alot. It didn't make much difference!

Nice rifles, just get closer.



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