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Barbour Stinks Any Tips ?

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1 minute ago, bird said:

for whats worth vin,dump it in the bin, and get another .   there plenty about, ok i know it depends quality  of the cot, you can pay more money the  better the coat, but for what you do an need  one that water proof,  and keep out cold, there plenty of coats for £ 50 quid , if 2 coats a year , still cheap. i stopped getting expensive clothes  years back for going out with lurchers , it just not worth it, getting ripped etc , and as you smelling to fook, get couple cheaper coats in this brand  deff i got on , got mine telford  farming shop they sell everything you need there , there bound to have similar one up your way .  its called  TFM   if not in your area  ask them if they send you couple over , even with  pp   it still cheap .

Eyup mate..

I don't wear the Barbour for ferreting... it's for posing in the pub...very trendy you know! 

I'm with you on the workwear etc.. I've given up on the expensive brands a long time ago. None of them do what they promise. I buy cheap waterproofs and wear them over top of decent gear etc.

2 pairs of trousers last year..= £40. the second pair still going strong...lol

Only decent money I would spend these days is on good footwear.   

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These make good trousers for ferreting , hard wearing last couple yearif looked after but for £15 /20 if they only last a year there a bargain. They got plenty of pockets in for locator/batteries/phone /pocket knife ect etc.they also have the knee pap slits in to drop the foam knee pads in wich weigh fecking bout so when your on your knees setting nets and digging your knees serpent constantly soaked and on cold hard surfaces so reduce knee problem later on 


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