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Can Anyone Help Me With %

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sorry to jump in but what would a 3/8 5/8 X greyhound come out as . Thanks

3/8 bull 5/8 grey crossed with a pure grey would make the pups 3/16 bull 13/16 grey. So bit less than quarter bull, very greyhoundy.
thanks much appreciated.


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Some pups could be 3/4 grey,some 3/4 bull from same litter depends what genetics they get.Will be in their DNA if tested.

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3/8th's is 37.5%

4/8 = 50%

5/8 =62.5%

6/8 =75%


(obvious ones 1/2 = 50%. 1/4 =25%.)

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Pups are ready to go all the ppl who have taken them good luck and keep in touch 

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Now then mate can't wait to pick mine up on Saturday for my lad he buzzing atb longers01

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