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Complete Novice Thinking Of Starting Up

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Any suggestions on books, videos or anything else that I can look at before deciding to get involved, it's not something I want to go into half heartedly , so opinions and thoughts appreciated, I,m based in Edinburgh , Scotland.

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I've been working with a falconer, does sound like an interesting sport. I'd be looking for local clubs and associations, might get to see a few birds in action. This guy has a spare specifically for nailing magpies, and Gos's for everything else. Plus you can get into pointers and what not too, Atb Joe

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You could consider joining the Scottish Hawking Club. There are a few members over there and some might help you out.


As for books, I would read Falconry and Hawking by Philip Glaser and also Emma Ford's Falconry Art and Practise.

You can sometimes get these books at the local Library.

But nothing beats getting help from a "decent, experienced" falconer mate.

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get to your local library,theres lots of good books there mate

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