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If that's a real profile image, and this is just my opinion...

You make me sick. You should be hung up and skinned.

Just my opinion mate.



Luckily it is your opinion, and everything is done legally, so if I can hunt Elephant legally, I WILL do so...you have no idea how many hungry kids got fed from this bull meat...there is no difference between shooting a rabbit legally and shooting an Elephant legally...and that is my opinion



pathetic excuse, thats not sport, you sick prick






Woah - Easy tiger.


Have a look at his location - it's a completely different world out there mate.


There's a lot more to know about big game hunting - especially when it comes to elephants. It's heavily controlled and regulated (when done legally). Only specific animals can be hunted.


Shooting elephants isn't my cup of tea but, we're all hunting lads :thumbs:


....... There's enough people against our sport without us turning on each other.





Yeah, had a few bevvies and reacted a bit OTT...not gone on trophy hunting but if he used the meat to feed kids then fair enough


Good man :good:

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Look what happens when anyone who shoots anything other than airguns uses this section. :no:

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Come on now gentlemen. There is a world of difference between shooting controlled numbers of game for wildlife conservation and keeping the local folks fed and their ecnonomies afloat with the revenues raised from game shooting licences.... :hmm:


:hmm: And poaching. The real scourge of the problem with endangering numbers of precious animals like Elephant and Rhino.


Take your anger out on the Chinese, they are the biggest consumers for Rhino horn and Elephant Ivory. Without their vast sums of money, the poaching industry wouldn't be so industrious...

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F##k me only said how pleased I am with my falcon raptor lol

That's THL for you mate :yes::laugh:


..... Stick around - I love it here :thumbs:

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F##k me only said how pleased I am with my falcon raptor lol


saw this post when it first kicked off... so I went back to the start and looked at your avatar!

thought thats funny as fcuk what they on about :D

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Yep we are a strange bunch thats for sure us air gun lads lol


but a good bunch as well even the dog lads like us really


i mean if we were not hear who would they moan about :D:whistling:






stick around son you will soon be one of the lads elephant and all



:yes: :yes: :yes:


atvbmac :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

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Yep, a little thing like an Avatar and we're off on one! :laugh:

:hmm: Back on topic, that Raptor looks and performs really nice. Any downside faults with these? I've not heard a bad thing about them. I remember one Falcon made, it was called a Lighthunter years ago. Looked more like a pistol-in-a-stock than a rifle. With a light, skeletal stock and short ultra carbine barrel.


Terrific little guns anyway. :thumbs:


Congratulations jasper looks like you've got yourself a cracking good gun. And a brilliant permission to use it on! :thumbs:

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