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My 22 Hornet

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Measure the gap and a hornet rim.

There has to be some clearance to allow the round to pitch up out of the magazine.


Also, all Mauser's should be chambered with the muzzle up slightly from horizontal.

None Mauser types should be chambered muzzle down.

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Right i have lapped mine and it is now smooth to operate whether pointing up or down. I tried it with a mag full of cartridges and it is fine nothing to do with the extractor claw on this one.


What you need to remember is cz are cheap mass produced rifles that lack the finish of better quality rifles. That said if you do the finishing they are a decent enough rifle. I will bet they are very cheap indeed in their country of origin it's just that the greedy importers in this country charge us a fortune for them. However i still wish Tikka made a .17 Hornet i would have one tommorrow over a cz.

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