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Best Of The Bunch?

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The ranger is very popular here in Oz, the only thing to get close to hilux for sales, some years has even outsold the hilux. Resale value is not close to hilux and I have been told the hilux is a lot more reliable especially if you treat them rough. Atvb.

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I have the ranger, 2015 plate, 50k on it in its first year, no problems, handles off road well, but I chucked a decent set of at's on it as I tow every day, love towing with it, beat all the other pick ups hands down, and I tried the lot, the only other one I would have considered was the Isuzu.


Depending on your terrain and what your going to be doing, the smaller engine rangers are weaker, my mate has one and has been through a few gearboxes and clutches now, he tows and says it's under powered and constantly thrashing it through the gears to keep moving, I went for the 3.2 and it tows lovely with plenty of grunt


Don't believe the mpg figures, I am lucky to get 24mpg which is about the only downer I can think of, but then I am pulling 3.5 ton everywhere

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