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Venison Wellington : First Attempt

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Thanks for the replies lads & tips ;-)

I'm following a James Martin recipe, his recipes are normally reliable. It's under bbc recipes if you google.

I am using ready made Puff pastry. The meat browned & brushed with English mustard & then rapped in the mushroom mix which has been spread out on to prosciutto ham, wrapped in cling film & left in the fridge, then removed & wrapped in the pastry.

Here's the thing though.....in the guidelines he says put back in fridge for half hour prior to baking or leave over night. I've left it over night on both occasions & then let it come up to room temperature before baking. That's my mistake I think, it's making the pastry too wet?

This time was better because the pastry was thinner, but still not great. So I'll just leave it for half hour in fridge next time & then straight in oven?


Next time is Christmas Day with a large fillet, so I got to make it count!..haha


Kanny: you've got me thinking about the mushroom mix now, maybe mine is a tad wet? It does say paste like, so I'm not sure now...

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I've had a look for a recipe I did ages ago but I can't find it but it did come out quite well... I remember the most important part was leaching the mushrooms of there moisture till there almost dry as they contain alot of water but they rehydrate during the cooking process and acting like little sponges keeping the moisture away from the pastry.

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