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3/4 Gwp X 1/4 Labrador

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They really seem to be the best overall gundogs.

A gwp?


Well it's not a lab thats for sure. :D



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ive got a 50/50 labxgwp and a pure gwp the difference is massive ! as i think tiercel and mik pointed out you HAVE TO BE COMFORTABLE with how the pure work , they aint for everyone their training is nothing like anything else and can be very frustrating BUT once they are right there is no going back.

My only regret is not finding them 35 years back ,like tiercel mentioned if you say what they are capable of alot would call you liars ,but think long and hard before getting a pure as they are capable of breaking you if you dont understand THEM and YOUR limitations as a trainer !,no place for dick swinging with them

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Get a gwp or get a Labrador.

agree to a point enough breeds out there , i was needing a biddable dog with more balls than a lab at the time i got the cross and very pleased with what i ended up with :thumbs: though i do have a gwp as well now "which is all balls :laugh::laugh: "

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