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Hanwag Boots

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I've got a pair of hanwag Alaska for Christmas off the wife what best stuff to put on to look after them dillydog

I use Renapur on mine mate.
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Got a pair of Alaskas for beating and digging.Done 20+ days beating up to now and had a few digs and they are still like new.Comfy and light.How much are the ones you are looking at?

I think the ones I was looking at ranged from £190 to £240 off the top of my head......

I looked at this particular brand because I've heard of a few people rating them for quality and durability,

any info I can get is much appreciated, abs I don't want to dive in and spend the money if they are not what they are bigged up to be,

at the moment and for the past 10 to 12 years I have been wearing Lowas, but fancy a change.




If it aint broke don't mend it.


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