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johnny boy68

It Was A Pleasure.

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Ossie, did you write that poem?


No. It's off the net. But it always comes to mind when someone loses a mate.


Thanks for all the kind words lads.


Aye the bitch will be missed and not because she was a top worker but because she was a great companion, always a pleasure to have around. Was equally happy working a warren all day or led down beside me fishing. I've got some great memories of the dog and they'll always stay with me....thanks again lads.


PS......Arch you fecker I was dealing with losing the bitch until you stuck that poem up and that got me.


Soz buddy. I just think it sums up what they all mean to us, and us to them.



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Sounds like the old girl had a good life, mustn't be easy for the younguns. Sorry for your loss johnny. Rip girl

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Rip cracking bitch and glad I had the pleasure to see her work she will be greatly missed

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