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Question For A Sparks..

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GU10 are usually 240v with no transformer. Halogen GU10`s are a pain in the arse and you should bin them and fit LED lamps instead.


12V systems with transformers are usually GU5.3[/quote


This fella has is about right regards GU10.


No traffo and direct mains 230VAC.


If all are flickering together then most lightly a loose connection in the circuit. Some sparks these days have a nasty habit of not checking both sides of the fitting terminals and some on the manufacturer side come already loose.


Turn on the lights and trip the circuit breaker and drop each light fitting and check connections, then the light switch or pull chord.


I wouldn't be standing on a metal clad A frame ladder wetting my fingers checking if they are live.


10 minute job. Good luck with the crossword.


P.S. In the bathroom the fittings should be suitibly IP rated, some way water proof from steam from showers, steam off ..... Fitting degrade and corode and start acting up when not tge right type with poor ventilation.

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Check the wires at back of fittings for mice chewing on them the little b@$tards ate all mine in attic.

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if all four are doing it its likely to be supply/switch/first fitting. No point dropping them all. if they are doing it together it isnt manufacturers side either. Id get it sorted sharpish tho walshie. If they are flickering/dimming then it sounds like it could be arking which can and does start fires.


Dont mistake tho fella, without an inspection everyone is guessing.

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