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Baikal Hunting Tours

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Dear friends!

My name is Vladislav, I am from Irkutsk that is situated near the Great Lake Baikal in Russia.

My firm provides trophy hunting and fishing on the shores of lake Baikal.

We still have untouched ,very beautiful wild nature, so we have many animals that can hunt. We offer bear hunting (including traditional hunting of Baikal hunters called "in the den"), red deer (Baikal subspecies of red deer), reindeer, elk and many other animals.

I invite you to visit us on the hunt!

You will enjoy the beautiful wild nature of lake Baikal, try fitobath (fito banya) in the taiga on the shore of a mountain river, you'll taste the Baikal tincture, enough to gorge on delicious Baikal fish, find new friends among siberian hunters and you will take home a new hunting experience and a trophy from the shores of lake Baikal!

Ready to answer all your questions. Please contact us vll1985@yandex.ru







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I almost forgot to tell that We can take care of the import of hunting weapons (at least 2 months before the tour), full documentary support. But in practice, it is much easier and cheaper to rent a gun at the place of hunting. We also take care of the export of hunting trophies from Russia, and we also provide processing - manufacturing of stuffed animals, leather processing, processing of horns, skulls, etc..

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About our web site:

1) translated version is coming soon!

2) You can use an automatic translate in your browser (rus-eng is pretty correct translation for example in google chrome browser - "auto translator" )

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