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Fav Pic..

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Cheers Jacob, this is my fav pic of my mutt... But I don't know how to put pics on sooooo........ Had to ask young jacob

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I like this pic I can't remember who took it but was back end of summer had some good days down on the river. Some good pics lads keep them coming.



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I saw a picture a long time ago on here of hbg's Remus on the tail of a hare ,

Excellent photo not seen it for years though

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I got two ! C5C921B8-A947-4457-9616-B6DCF6CF8186.jpg3A6F8FCD-63AE-4831-8767-17A0FEFBC23D_1.j

owain you are as bad as me lol got a newish motor,and throw smelly dogs and dead stuff. In it lol....I like the blue(?) One on her own what's her breeding mate

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