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Hemp Nets

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I know for a fact theres guys that have moved over to spun nets for that reason and there there still laying wet in the bag from the last outing the next time they go out

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all my nets are hang on rings to dry be they hemp or nylon or poli just because a net can take a bit of abuse theres still no reason not to look after them on ferreting days my nets are put in there bag in bundles of 3 with elastic band this keeps them tidy in the bag and helps with the count when picking up . .I,ve finished making my first batch of poli nets and am well pleased with the way it works so i might be jumping ship who knows next season i could be going out with a bag of pretty pink nets or what ever colours in vogue

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Bob how. My mate Gaz says he is'a'changing'. Them colours have got to him. Mind you the money belt might hold him back lol.

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