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My Female Goshawk

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as promised, just a quick un, youtube quality is crap, my facebook one is better



Fcukinhell mate.......that's painfully close! :-(


I know iknow, I keep bloody watching it lol


Bullet, I feel your pain. That was SO close mate.

The bright side is she is binding to them and is holding them.

I reckon if you get a close enough slip at them, she will hold it long enough til you get there.


thanks, i'll just keep trying, I can only go this place every other week so she can have a rest from them, we must of put up over 15 hares in total, some got up half a field away, there were also a fair few covey of English partridge,


I think the ideal situation with hares is to fly at 3/4 grown ones to get the birds confidence and footing correct. Then progress onto more difficult quarry as the season progresses.

Unfortunately in the real world, this just doesn't happen.


I'm sure you will get one soon mate.

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yesterday had some cracking flights with my female and my mates male, love steep woodland flights, managed to bag me a rabbit, also had a 7ft dig on as my ferret wasnt returning to the surface(not like her) so we thought she might have been stuck,

sadly my laptop decieded it wanted to pee me off and made me do a factory reset, losing everything.......except my gopro footages,i backed them up on an external drive, but i cant get on the gopro studio editing programme, so at the mo im trying to get my head around windows media movie maker

had a days rest today as missus wanted to go shopping :censored:

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had a few rest days this week due to weather and other commitments, but yesterday went a place we aint been for a while and bagged a rabbit on the second slip, fed my bird up on that note as its not the best place for rabbits, been sorting out new laptop as my lastone couldn't cope with me anymore!!!!lol

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