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Preventing Poaching In The Uk

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Don't know his background tbh jok, might be a game keepers son, might be a beater i am not sure. The app just pinpoints your location so you then make a report to the police. Its not going to stop anything but like i say he has taken a proactive approach. I don't think anyone has the answer really. But i do like the fact that there are people out there willing to try.

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no west lakes near hardknott pass.


Sorry for kicking off before guys.


East side or West side of the pass Danny ? I'm local to hard knot also

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slap bang in the middle but a bit South of it really, near Ulpha

Just over the tops then, you will know the wild man in the king George pub i take it.

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no I don't know him, pub is too far away to walk to where I live. If i go anywhere its to the brown cow in Waberthwaite as the food is awesome. where abouts are you?

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Realistically the only thing that stops poachers is being there, all times of day and night and disrupting them.


Night vision, thermal and lamps all play the part and if you make it so that the lads can't have a peaceful night then they will move on and annoy someone else!


There wont be a product that will really help, trail cams so but they aren't much of a deterrent.


Get out there and have a jolly old time chasing them over the fields!

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Its clear that many are unlikely to own any land because if they did, then I suggest they would view poaching in a different light.

Advocating theft during trespass is a bit daft really, especially with a firearm.

Walk where you will without damage and quietly but whats on his land is his, not yours.

One for the pot is fine but more is criminal and would lose you your right to a gun - and rightly so.

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Thing is this. This guy has used us. He has manipulated the conversation to meet his needs. I think this thread should be ended.

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If I wished to protect game, I would hope for a drone with IR camera and a pre-programmed (but variable) route around my land.

A method of warning, as with car thefts, calls to mobiles would be useful so the poachers could be caught in the act.

Failing that - I would like to catch them myself.

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maybe they should start poaching hunting schools to help combat the poaching rules ,that would be more like it so the young divis net hunters, and keen guys dont get gobbled up,


you spend to much money and on daft web cams , for what to stop someone catching game thats wild ,,years ago it was harder to poach as the good old gamekeeper was a loyal serf to the maister , now there not so loyal ,


do the deed and never say when and were easy way realy, get a full balaclava no camera can pierce that and a set of spare plates saw it in smokie and the bandit lol

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I find this thread literally incredible. Advocation of theft and general lawlessness, threats to individuals by trade if not name, cowardly (numbers superiority) attacks recommended on individuals.

Maybe its just a lot of bravado, I would hope so, since otherwise it is actionable. I suggest any moderators might want to issue a few warnings as clearly some of this thread is abusive and illegal.

Land is owned, wildlife is not, if, to get to wildlife you have to enter property owned by another its illegla and these rantings are as bad as the man traps that used to be employed to catch poachers. Grow up.

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