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shotgun refusal when should i re- apply

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Guest baldie

Put your hand in your pocket, and go and see another GP. Get a full medical, including a written statement of mental health, if its fine, put back in for it.Read the post Compo put, i couldn,t find it at the time, but it basically means, they legally haven,t a leg to stand on regarding your previous midemeanors.Its the old gp,s letter thats buggering you up.Sort that, and they cant refuse, as i said before, its a civil right to own a shotgun, not so a firearm, thats different, but in the shotgun case, they have to PROVE you unfit.

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Guest SJM

Its a shit state of affairs that you can get your guns taken off you for being depressed, when something like 90 odd % of the population suffer with it at some point during their lives and go on to get well again and fully recover :thumbdown:

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another question guys would you recommend basc,ca,ngo or would it do me better to join 2 of these just incase

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