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adam s

Fox Trapping Austalia

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Did you try it while sitting in the sun for a few hours :thumbs:

Traps are checked first thing in the morning mate so they don't sit in the sun for hours. And if its not possible to check the traps at a reasonable time or are unable to check them you either pull them out or don't set them.


If the traps were as bad as people thought they were or make them out to be I would have no fingers left.


Calm yourself I am winding Darcy up.

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As I stated I don't believe a prey animal gets stressed in the way we think about stress ... Their whole existence depends on flight ... Running away to survive rabbits in this country to springbok on the Masai mark is he same and when caught who knows what goes through they brain but I doubt if it's stress the way we think about stress ........

if they dont get stressed why do they scream?]

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