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Fud Pinkfooted Goose Decoys

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Dont bother with FUDS get foamies there lighter cheaper and work better

Wouldnt bother with the foamies personlay. There no use in the wet as it lifts the flock coating of them and end up ruinned. If your wonting light wieght other then fuds which are ok i would go down the silosock route bit more expensive to get a decent size group but they work. I mainly shoot pinks and i use a mixture of fuds and silososocks.

I have found when the wind picks up they add a bit of movement to your pattern.

One thing i did with my fuds though which i think really helped was using some white emulsion painted the arse end. I use dependant on size of the field and the birds behavior anything from 17-35 decoys and there all silos and fudds.

As for foamies unless you only go out when its dry dont bother

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Used my new Fuds for the first time this season and must say on all ocassions the Pinks just kept streaming in worked really well. even had 2 Geese landing amongst the Fuds while we were taking our hide down and Car was parked beside us hard to believe but true I have never seen that before obviously daft young Geese but was strange standing in the open watching them walking about the Fuds..

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