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Show Us Pictures Of Cockers

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That's one beautie of a dog !

Atb Dave

cheers dave , bit of a story to him, at the end of last season my liver dog seemed a bit lame so took him to vets , to cut a long story short he never came home,, to say I was devastated would be an understatement, however the same evening I clicked on the hunting life and the dog I have now had just that minuete been listed for sale ,3 days later he was mine and im over the moon with him ,my pal has had him at the grouse and reckons hes as good as anything on the moor,atb belucky

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Mine, Boozer. He was a good worker for me, and not just a good beating/shooting dog. He came ratting, foxing, trapping, out fowling, whatever really he was mad keen. Always busy, always ready.





Good hunting, DnN

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6 years old

Thats the father to my liver pup.alright barry i got a couple of pics of him when i was over peters mate,he was telling me the dog doesnt miss a bird i hope his daughter is the same as her nose is never off the floor while we are out walking.

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