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Weihrauch Hw77K Teardown & Upgrade

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I found this on my phone... Seems I did get the stock before I painted it black. Interestingly, looking at this now, I think the Birchwood Casey oil could have performed some kind of miracle on the grain as it appears here. I didn't like the way the pattern seemed blotchy and in places not even like it was the same piece of wood. What is nice here is the build up of stain in deep areas and it's this I emulated with the finished result.


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Looks great I stripped my hw85 stock down and waxed it to bring grain out I would put up a picture but just joined forum and haven't got to that yet

I'd love to see some pictures if you can get them up. There's instructions on site but basically get a photobucket account and upload to there. Copy the 'direct link' and use this when posting a thread. This was my first post too :)

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