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Index Of Auction Lots

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Posted 26 May 2014 - 09:41 am



lot 1       years subscription to EDRD  http://www.thehuntin...-auction-lot-1/

lot 2       a signed copy of volume four of Terriermans Life http://www.thehuntin...-auction-lot-2/

lot 3       cover photo on EDRD magazine http://www.thehuntin...-edrd-magazine/

lot 4      J.Darcy;s Scooby Mint condition http://www.thehuntin...-darcys-scooby/

lot 5      a days stalking in Sussex on the fallow .Morning & evening http://www.thehuntin...lot-5-stalking/

lot 6      A days wrecking on a decent charter boat http://www.thehuntin...cking-in-devon/

lot 7      Full Pc Clean up   http://www.thehuntin...ll-pc-clean-up/

lot 8      Training spaniels by Joe Irving  http://www.thehuntin...ining-spaniels/

lot 9      Pistols and revolvers http://www.thehuntin...-auction-lot-9/

lot 10    new double door rabbit bolt tube  http://www.thehuntin...bbit-bolt-trap/

lot 11    Running Dog Maintenance  http://www.thehuntin...og-maintenance/

lot 12    copy of Now That's What I Call Terrier Work 1 http://www.thehuntin...l-terrier-work/

lot 13    Now that's What I Call Lurcher Work (3) http://www.thehuntin...lurcher-work-3/ 

lot 14    Working Deerhounds Lurchers and Longdogs by Bill Doherty  http://www.thehuntin...s-and-longdogs/

lot 15    Bsa deerhunter 4 x 40 scope  http://www.thehuntin...lescopic-sight/

lot 16    mole catching a practical guide http://www.thehuntin...-trapping-book/

lot 17    American mink trapping dvd  http://www.thehuntin...k-trapping-dvd/

lot 18    the Modern working terrier and the Modern lurcher. http://www.thehuntin...a-terrier-book/

lot 19    A framed picture of a Roe, a Fallow and a Red deer.  http://www.thehuntin...framed-picture/

lot 20   coney catcher-more moochers tales  http://www.thehuntin...moochers-tales/

lot 21   framed print  http://www.thehuntin...1-framed-print/

lot 22   a day on the deer or an evening rabbiting. http://www.thehuntin...-deer-stalking/

lot 23   three months subscription to the countrymans weekly http://www.thehuntin...trymans-weekly/

lot 24    an oil painting of your choice e.g. your dog, horse or scenery of your choice http://www.thehuntin...hundred-pounds/

lot 25    print   http://www.thehuntin...-hunting-print/

lot 26   10 4ft purse nets hand made spun poly with heavy duty rings 3mm draw cord  http://www.thehuntin...4ft-purse-nets/

lot 27   commissioned painting from a photo of your choice  http://www.thehuntin...ing-commission/

lot 28   Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare http://www.thehuntin...of-your-choice/

lot 29    terrier / lurcher couple and lead   http://www.thehuntin...-coupling-lead/

lot 30    The Making of the Parson Jack Russell Terrier  http://www.thehuntin...ussell-terrier/

lot 31    Peasants & Poachers by Michael J Carter http://www.thehuntin...sants-poachers/

lot 32    The Complete Guide To Wing Shooting  http://www.thehuntin...-wing-shooting/

lot 33    Two handmade, pig-hunting cut collars  http://www.thehuntin...wo-pig-collars/

lot 34    2 days guided kayak fishing for up to 4 people in the Exmouth area, Devon  http://www.thehuntin...shing-in-devon/

lot 35     two catapults   http://www.thehuntin...-two-catapults/

lot 36     A brand new 5000/6000 lumens cree led light.battery charger and batts.raging solar storm model sr13051024  http://www.thehuntin...ht-and-charger/

lot 37    10 brand new  Salmon tube flies [copper] and 5 trebles  http://www.thehuntin...0-salmon-flies/

lot 38    The nick Stevens Story  http://www.thehuntin...-stevens-story/

lot 39    Now That's What I Call Lurcherwork 1 and 2  http://www.thehuntin...rcher-work-1-2/

lot 40    Poacher's Tales by John Humphreys  http://www.thehuntin...poachers-tales/

lot 41    Fallow" deer carcass  http://www.thehuntin...w-deer-carcass/

lot 42    polecat taxidermy mount  http://www.thehuntin...mount-by-rob58/

lot 43     a copy of Work them hard, treat them like heroes by David Harcombe  http://www.thehuntin...hem-like-heros/

lot 44    Hand made paunching knife and neck sheath. made by midnight  http://www.thehuntin...de-by-midnight/

lot 45    Working Terrier Yearbook D.Harcombe 1987/1991  http://www.thehuntin...rier-year-book/

lot 46    Lurchers and Longdogs by Ted Walsh  http://www.thehuntin...s-and-longdogs/

lot 47    Hare print http://www.thehuntin...-47-hare-print/

lot 48    A Days Ferreting With Tomo And Vin In The Dales  http://www.thehuntin...n-in-the-dales/

lot 49    a weekend break  http://www.thehuntin...na-by-mushroom/

lot 50    DVD - The Secret Life of A Sparrowhawk 10 Years in the Making  http://www.thehuntin...-in-the-making/

lot 51    G-Shock watch and silver chain  http://www.thehuntin...d-silver-chain/

lot 52     extreme lurcher work  http://www.thehuntin...r-work-j-darcy/

lot 53    Jack Pyke fleece in size 2xl http://www.thehuntin...ce-in-size-2xl/

lot 54    The Seasons End. By Steven McConigal  http://www.thehuntin...even-mcconigal/

lot 55    The Seasons End. By Steven McConigal copy 2 http://www.thehuntin...even-mcconigal/

lot 56    Triple ferret box  http://www.thehuntin...t-carrying-box/

lot 57    Now that's what i call terrier work iv  http://www.thehuntin...ad-signed-copy/

lot 58     A Cook On The Wild Side by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall  http://www.thehuntin...-the-wild-side/

lot 59     The Working Longdog, by Frank Sheardown  http://www.thehuntin...-first-edition/

lot 60     The Ferret And Ferreting Guide by Graham Wellstead  http://www.thehuntin...erreting-guide/

lot 61    Running Dog Addiction compiled and edited by J Darcy  http://www.thehuntin...-dog-addiction/

lot 62    Digging The Dirt. Volume 1 by Johnny Bluck  http://www.thehuntin...y-johnny-bluck/

lot 63   Tales Of A London Poacher by Cleve Edmonston  http://www.thehuntin...london-poacher/

lot 64    2 x new pairs of army trousers  http://www.thehuntin...-army-trousers/

lot 65    Terriermen and Terriers 2  http://www.thehuntin...men-terriers-2/

lot 66    The fell Terrier By D Brian Plummer.  http://www.thehuntin...rier-b-plummer/

lot 67    Dairy Of A Hunter By D Brian Plummer.  http://www.thehuntin...-brian-plummer/

lot 68     a days ferreting or a nights lamping in North Yorkshire  http://www.thehuntin...th-yorkshire-1/

lot 69     another days ferreting or a nights lamping in North Yorkshire http://www.thehuntin...th-yorkshire-2/

lot 70     Nomad Clay shooter fleece dark olive green  http://www.thehuntin...shooter-fleece/

lot 71     A poachers tale by Fred j speak man Alfred t Curtis. http://www.thehuntin...-poachers-tale/

lot 72     Endangered species by Michael Clayton.  http://www.thehuntin...angerd-species/

lot 73     Game keeping by David Hudson.  http://www.thehuntin...k-game-keeping/

lot 74     An obsession the nick Stevens story.  http://www.thehuntin...-stevens-story/

lot 75     The Sealyham terrier it's working for sport By captain Jocelyn M Lucas M C  http://www.thehuntin...king-for-sport/

lot 76     Lurchers and long dogs By E.G. Walsh. http://www.thehuntin...-and-long-dogs/

lot 77     The Harris hawk management training and hunting. By lee William Harris.http://www.thehuntin...ng-and-hunting/

lot 78     Ferreting and trapping for amateur gamekeepers.by Guy N. Smithhttp://www.thehuntin...ur-gamekeepers/

lot 79      a brand new 100 yard 4z traditional long net with a set of stainless steel end pins http://www.thehuntin...ional-long-net/

lot 80      Now that's what I call lurcher work 2 http://www.thehuntin...-work-2-signed/

lot 81     Darcy's Scooby.http://www.thehuntin...-darcys-scooby/

lot 82     The River cottage cookbook http://www.thehuntin...ion-lot-82book/

lot 83     killgerm motion sensor camerahttp://www.thehuntin...-sensor-camera/

lot 84     Rabbit Shooting To Ferrets .. W. Thomas http://www.thehuntin...rrets-w-thomas/

lot 85     Jack Pyke game bag http://www.thehuntin...-pyke-game-bag/

lot 86     Crivit selection-feeder 300-5 Carp telescopic travel rod  http://www.thehuntin...pic-travel-rod/

lot 87     Combro Cb-625 Chrono http://www.thehuntin...-cb-625-chrono/

lot 88     The shooting weekend book by Eric Parker and The Autumn Road To The Isles  http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/322892-auction-lot-88-books-the-shooting-weekend-book-by-eric-parker-and-the-autumn-road-to-the-isles/ 

lot 89      Dogs and I by Major Harding Cox  http://www.thehuntin...or-harding-cox/

lot 90     A Hunting Pageant by Mary S Lovell  http://www.thehuntin...-mary-s-lovell/

lot 91     The hunting gene  Robin pagehttp://www.thehuntin...ene-robin-page/

lot 92     the Keen Foxhunter's Miscellany" By Peter Holt http://www.thehuntin...-by-peter-holt/

lot 93      Sharp Innova .22 air rifle with 4x40 scope http://www.thehuntin...ith-4x40-scope/

lot 94      a 5yd stop net, double stranded rigged by half with double selvedge on the top edge.http://www.thehuntin...-yard-stop-net/

lot 95      A pair of aluminium 3" ringed end pinshttp://www.thehuntin...inium-end-pins/

lot 96      withdrawn due to unforeseen issues 

lot 97      Mordex split cane rod http://www.thehuntin...se-fishing-rod/

lot 98      The Lakeland terrier by Sean Frainhttp://www.thehuntin...-by-sean-frain/

lot 99      Working terriers by Seán Frainhttp://www.thehuntin...-by-sean-frain/

lot 100    The Secrets Of Dog Training D Brian Plummer http://www.thehuntin...-brian-plummer/

lot 101     David Brian Plummer, The Jack Russell terrier it's training and entering http://www.thehuntin...ussell-terrier/

lot 102      Bellman and flint buffalo coupling http://www.thehuntin...ffalo-coupling/

lot 103     green 19" lurcher/whippet coat http://www.thehuntin...erwhippet-coat/

lot 104     Waterloo Cup Memrobilia http://www.thehuntin...cup-memrobilia/

lot 105      Onyx / Marble Table Lamp Fox Terriers http://www.thehuntin...p-fox-terriers/

lot 106      hand made catapult by Longers7  http://www.thehuntin...-made-catapult/

lot 107     Fox hunting with lurchers part 4 dvd http://www.thehuntin...urchers-part-4/

lot 108     a days roe stalking in north Yorkshire  http://www.thehuntin...in-n-yorkshire/

lot 109     The Working Longdog, by Frank Sheardown  http://www.thehuntin...orking-longdog/

lot 110     10 4ft purse nets  http://www.thehuntin...4ft-purse-nets/

lot 111      oil painting titled First Light signed by W Hobson  http://www.thehuntin...ht-by-w-hobson/

lot 112      Running your own shoot by David Hudson http://www.thehuntin...y-david-hudson/

lot 113       evening session on the river Wye Barbel / Chub fishing.  http://www.thehuntin...ing-on-the-wye/

lot 114      a day on the tidal Exe, http://www.thehuntin...-the-tidal-exe/

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Posted 07 June 2014 - 06:18 am

Auction Guidelines.


In order for the auction to run as smooth as possible here are a few guidelines that will help the process.


When bidding on a lot, please just enter the amount you wish to bid, and no chit chat, that makes it easier for yourself and other people to see what the bid amount is on any lot.


Payment for a  winning bidder.


Once you have won an auction and want to pay it can be done in a few ways.



By clicking on this link to this paypal account you can then pay for your item. To allow for the quick processing of the payment, please do not forget to give the lot number. Something like, Payment for lot number 301. That will ensure that your item can be sent to you as quickly as possible.


Credit card.

You can also pay with a credit card if you do not have a paypal account by clicking on the same link.


Postal orders, cheques, bank transfers.


For any of the above forms of payment please contact Dymented directly, again quoting the lot number you are paying for.


Once you have made your payment and it has been verified by  Dymented who will add a post to the Lot once payment has been received,  the donator of the lot you won will then arrange for the posting of your item. The donator will need your address and any relevant details of when to post the item. It would be no good him sending the item if you are going on holiday.


If these guidelines are followed there should be no difficulties in you getting your item ASAP.

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