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andrew macmillan

Sure Fire Way To Bag Plenty Of Crows?

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Sporting Gun just ran an article on crow decoying with an owl, showing the decoy layout. Works particularly well, apparently, when its on a fence post. Put something furry under its 'talons' so it looks like it just made a kill, bloke in the mag used sheeps wool.

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The big Owl decoy works especially if used in conjunction with a caller of Owl killing Crow or Crows attacking Owl. Both those available on ihunt app. Superb seection of calls. Hook up to loud speaker by blue tooth, get well hidden and get ready for some great sport.

Not allowed in the UK unfortunately!

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Hi mate, I use 12 flocked crow decoys and put about 4 close together and then the rest into a sort of circle but not to obvious if you know what I mean. Then use an electronic crow caller, I set up about 5am and by about 12-1pm normally have around 80 in the bag.. Atb

But you only use the electric crow caller like the rest of us to bring them in to take photgraphs :yes:


What he meant was; he shoots them....with his camera

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I downloaded a picture of a crow from the net, A3 size, cut it out, transferred it to 12mm plywood or MDF, cut those out using a jigsaw making sure you've allowed for a spike to dig in the ground. Painted them in Matt black and can honestly say they work a treat.

I have a couple of plastic one's as well that I stick in the trees or bushes.

I've used this method on many occasions and once I've got a small crow I put that on a pigeon flapper and I've had em trying to mate with it.


Good luck

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