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Money is the only reason behind these courses ,nothing more nothing less.A quick fix to achieve something that others have spent years to work towards .I for one will NOT be sitting anything and i know many more the same .Been said before but it should never have been allowed in the first place.Proper f****d it for you boys up north .I do feel the doom mungering by Cap is heresay though ,something he would want implemented rather than whats coming .My FEO is adament its voluntary and will be for the foreseeable future .Its a quick fix for those who cant be arsed to serve the time in the field.level 2 witnesses are paid after all whereas a mentor is not .

What has never sat well with me is that a lad can be out in the field from scratch within a year on these courses ,sooner if hes minted whereas the likes of most i know have graduated from calibre to calibre learning along the way ,finally moving up to a deer calibre in a journey taking 10 years or more .I can honestly say hand on heart i would much rather spend time with a lad like this rather than a quick fixer feeling his way with a deer rifle FFS.

I know Cap has served the time but there are those that think they know it all having that wretched piece of paper .

Well lads I started this post back in 2009 amidst rumours and scaremongery that DCS certs were to become law and that I would not be able to shoot deer if I did not cough up a chunk of my hard earned cash and sit the course.

I can only say that to date my shooting remains unaffected and I still have all my hard earned cash securely in my bank I have never been asked wheather or not I have these certs by any landowner or have they been insisted upon by the local constabulary, so unless you are going to be paying for shooting on forrestry commision ground that has been previously shot out by the commision stalkers then to date there has been no change so I am glad I stuck by my guns and refused to follow the trend of scaremongers who were spreading the rumours to extort cash from the stalking community.

I would like to add that I have had numerous conversations and correspondance from MPs regarding this matter and not once have I been told that this is to become law and many were in aggreement with myself.

So if your FEO is insisting upon these certs before issuing your firearms licence it appears he is stepping over the mark and you should be asking why and under whos authority are these certs required also do not be fobbed off take the matter further. Apparently according to what I am being told ...If you are of sound character and mind and can proove that you have the requirement for legal possesion of a firearm then they can not realy refuse providing your security comes up to the required standard. Writen by ( Night Hunter )

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