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Long Before The Ban, Mobile Phones, Internet, Saluki Crosses, Matches, And Comps, Clubs,

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Got my 1st dog in 94 3/4 grey 1/4 collie went every where caught everything we could and that was to keep me from joining paramilitaries, hunting and fishing is a big part in my life and kept me on the straight and narrow so to speak. Back then people used to ask us for rabbits, now a days they would ring the police if you offered them one, they wouldn't know how to peel it. Lol

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great days then,lot of great runs an no crap,great dog men in them days not like some of these lads to day ,we were all in it for the sport an the crack,pity different days now, :thumbs: :thumbs:

Yeh TK out to Roughfort or Ancalon for a spin an a bit of crack :thumbs:


great times then nibs then,must of been 40 years ago,i rem being out with cruncher an millsy one day we got 12 rabbits an a hare,it was a great day for us then ,both men no longer with us now,great topic cocker atb.


If you's boy's got that wee haul you's must have back tracked bet cruncher showed you's my secret spots :yes: great times and great lads TK

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fen men..fen tigers...lol....

cocker..did you know john d from moulton,the,dogdyke site.rum old boys...Cyril from hainton...king of the dog dealers...ex horse breaker..lol..

had some laughs with him...crafty old fecker old Cyril.....

great memories....

Funny to hear you mention Cyril. I hadn't thought of him for years. Different dogs every time you met him. (I lived in Lincolnshire back then) Him and his daughter Sharon moved from Hainton to Dogdyke site.

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