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Need Farmers For Uk Poaching Documentary

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it will depict ass holes because genuine dog men would react similarly to how the genuine dog men and regulars on this site have acted....negatively. He's gonna end up with a bunch of no hoper doleys with their bull x coursing sheep swigging cans. just like you can depict anything in a bad light, there's bad in all walks, and hes gonna find the worst and film them showing them what 'lurcher' lads are like during the apparent epidemic.


on another note lads, Im making a documentary about drug dealers.

If any one is a drug dealer could you get in touch a I.definitelywontgrassyou.up@CID.com

I promise do give both sides of the story and wont show you in a bad light.

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at this point i will say thank you for your inquiry, however i think in the interest of the site the topic is now closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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