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Tx200 (Now Project Hc)

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Got the metal work completely rubbed down with wire wool

2 days of prep but worth it removed 99% of the pitting and got surface fully degreased redy to blue





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Then knocked up a diy bath to blue (kids toy box lid 2 rolled towels and a bin bag lol)and got cracking. ..




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Well pleased with result its hardening now I'd be happy if I paid full wack sent it away and got it back lile this deff worth all the rubbing down its like new

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Thanks everyone yea I'm well happy with job 15 quid well spent . Will get gun back together and few pics up. Stock next job

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Had a few pms asking how I did it so il copy and paste my reply........

Hi mate. Tbh it's all in the prep as you seen with mine was rusty as hell and now smooth as .I used heavy grade sandpaper then the lightest in a swirling motion as leaves circular marks everywhere that gives you a guide when irs done as when all the swirling is removed with wire wool its perfect then I ran the shower red hot and used fairy liquid with wire wool scrubbing everywhere untill you think its sparkling then a kettle full of boiling water all over it .pick it up with clean kitchen roll as any parts you touch with your hand will leave marks. Then I put in the diy tub/bath your blueing in pour the bottle neat all over gun then quickly re fill bottle with water twice and add them it says do 3 part water 1 part blueing (the Phillips one) but I do 2 part water 1 part blueing juat seems a lot nicer finish then using a old toothbrush brush it all over aiding the blueing for 5-7 mins untill nice and dark and even then rinse under shower with cold water then dry off and now needs feeding with oil I used 15w 50 turbo diesel motor oil but any should do last time used diff oil but motor oil worked beter even linseed oil is fine. I put rubber gloves on and rubbed oil all over for 5 mins then wrapped in bit of kitchen roll and put on radiator for a hour to harden . Then re oiled with a rag and job done this has been best one I've done so far so highly recommend Phillips profesional gun blue and feed with engine oil but prep is everything beter prep beter job! Good luck let us know how goes with some pics . Atb .matt

I'm no expert this only 2nd time have done it 1st attempt was me and our tom doing a shotgun we prept it with a angle grinder and did a crate of beer during the blueing after falling over a lot we oiled and still came out ok job so I honestly put it down to the Phillips profesional gun blue its got to be the best cold blue out there sure tom will 2nd that . Just putting it back together this morning

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:thumbs: I have pinned this in the restoration projects thread.

This is a cracking thread with plenty of information especially with all the ups and downs you have had. And the end result looks promising.

Nice one.

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