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Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery 12V 22Ah New 60 Quid

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no the led are crap mate for dogs anyway just get a lithium 22ah battery ive yet to run mine down had 2nights lamping without charge never used the hid so couldnt advise on that

The cluson mini lazer is well good enough to run a dog on :yes: far from crap....

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the thing is lads 18650 batteries, a charging circuit and a safety circuit are all that's in the deben packs :yes:

must be different quality of summat as these dont power normal lamps mate ive tried them




You Dirty Dog.. :laugh::laugh::thumbs: ... i did eventually reboot them all and get one pack back together... it lasted around 2/3rd's of the time it should of but sadly will not charge as a full pack..seperatley they will so either the circuit board is fecked or several batteries are...if i mess about again i will buy 12 new batteries.. but i don't like ordering anything from China otherwise i would of had it done by now.. ;)

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I see folk mentioning how long there battery last's on the odd post..it mean's nothing as it all depend's on the lamp's bulb Wattage..a battery will last a lot longer with a 50 watt bulb than it will with a 100 watt bulb .

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