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.223 Or .243 For Lamping Foxes

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm work in legal like yourself, or not, Bullshit there is far more to this than meets the eye, they are not giving you the full picture, did they apply for .22 rf at the same time as the .243/.22-250 ? I am telling you now mate, they are winding you up, I reckon they have latched on on to the fact that you want a rifle and now stirring the pot.


No they had CF's 1st and then applied for .22 RF's quite recently.


They don't know I'm potentially after a CF and equally they don't do wind ups, both are really serious about what they say and do. I've known them 20 years and never known them wind up anyone.


I don't in anyway disagree with anything you or Dan or Deker have said, In fact I agree entirely, but I have no reason to disbelieve them either. All I know on the cabinet point is that they claim that the force concerned have approved the arrangement.



I agree Charlie.


They both work in legal, he was employed in the Courts, so whether or not that did them any favours, I don't know. Like I say no reason to disbelieve them and they do have the guns for definite. The shooting they do is at a lodge owned by a friend in Scotland, so maybe they had a written letter from him verifying that, and that was enough, plus the fact that they said they wanted to deer stalk in England as well on bought days. I really don't know.


The other strange thing is they share a cabinet and yet say they don't have each others calibres on their certificates (him .22RF + .243, her .22RF + .22-250) and yet they swear blind the police have said this is ok and have approved the arrangement (no internal wires or locks to prevent cross access).


Quite puzzled, but maybe they've just got lucky. I'd certainly want approval of the safe keeping arrangement separately to the grant and in writing in those circumstances as that's one that could definitely bite you on the small cross breed donkey!

I have a shared cabinet with the wife and we have to have all calibres/firearms and ammunition entered on both certs.the bit I've highlighted would be proof enough that they are on the wind up, no force would ever allow this since the cert holders would be in possession of an illegally held firearm by the simple fact that they could access a firearm that they are not certificated for.



As above Dan. maybe they're mistaken about what's on their own certs. However, I've no reason to believe they're telling anything other than what they believe to be the truth. I agree entirely with your analysis of the cabinet position, that was mine immediately and I confronted her with it (gently) and she swore blind they only have their own respective calibres on the certs even when I pointed out that it wasn't legal. She insisted the FEO had said that the fact they both hold CF certs was enough for him to approve the arrangement. I pointed out about internal security such as chains or trigger locks and again was told they each had access to each others guns in the cabinet albeit they couldn't take them out.


So beyond that I don't really know.

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