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Max Yells-James

Hw100 Kt Or Daystate Huntsman Regal?

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just wondered whether it would be difficult/weird loading the side lever from a left handed shooting perspective.


No its not I already said that didn't I?


I shot 3 squirrels in 2 minutes yesterday, loading with my right hand and shooting left handed with my hw100kt!

Sorry about that, repeating myself. Thanks for that pianoman.

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I have both with Viper connects sat on board and they are both performers but so is the Ultra Se with a Mamba that I have as well.


Took 4 shots at a 20 mm spinner at 60 yards this weekend with the regal and hit it twice which certainly put a smile on my face not being the greatest shot in the world.


I had the HW100 and Ultra se with me as well and was taking spinners and targets out to 50 yards with ease. The only reason I didn't go for 60 yards with these was the fact I had run the air down in them shooting at various other distances but I fully expect that both could have performed the same as the regal.


Each of them have their quirks but I am not that fussy and like shooting with any of them, I also have a 13 year old Theoben SLR98 which is still shooting at 11.4ft/lbs and has never been serviced, partly because it has been stored in a cupboard for 12 of those years :whistling: ........




Lucky Luciano

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I don't know the first thing about the Regal other than it is one handsome looking rifle with good reports.

On the other hand I have been shooting the HW 100 KT (.177) for around a year now and find it to be absolutely lethal.So for my way of thinking I`ll be staying with the 100.



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