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Poisining Mice

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so you get called out to a local authority house and find no signs but the tenant swears he's seen rats and you would do nothing but walk away telling him he was mistaken?



Abso F**king Lutely, mate. As would Any Pest Controller worthy of that name.


If you were a GP and I walked in and said; " I have Rabies, Doc. " Would you send me off for shots?


We have to confirm activity.


You are patently Not in any way shape or form experienced in mundane pest control then. Let alone at the professional level.


Okay. We know the score now.


we certainly do pete :bye:

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I believe a council local to me now has a minimum £50 for any treatment with rats due to be added to that within the next few month.


The local councils and their pest controllers vary massively. Some of the pestys are fantastic and you can tell they are professional while others from the same council are a disgrace. Most councils round here have a week to 10 days waiting time.

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