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Dexter Just Out Of Moult 2013

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Alrite lads, due to circumstances beyond my control Ive had to make the reluctant decsision to part with Dexter, he has gone to aother falconer whom will kite train and enter him to feathered quarry. Its been a hard choice to make, but I was failing to get the required level of fitness into him to enter him back again to hare, I lost many days due to work, family and weather etc entering him too such quarry even half fit was just too dangerous for me too seously consider, I feel he has done extremley well in the season I had with him and I could not see him sat out for a year in mews, far better he go and try something new, am pleased with the new home and confident he will enjoy a new challenge,


WOuld I try this style fo falconry again>? for sure, maybe next tiem a large female though, ight make the job easier, howeevr very happy with results I got lots aof good memories and lessons learned. I'll keep in touch with new owner and see how he gets on. Ive took on another female harris hawk to keep my hand in, as I enjoy hawkign and time with birds, the harris style of hunting lends to my local land and the bird will keep itself fit following on , she settled in well and been out today cast flown with pointers female ., no problems crabbing etc , lots too look forward too cannot wait ,

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