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Fox Really Vermin?

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I can never get this view of the 'pitting your wits against old Charlie".... I can assure you lamping, snaring, trapping or sitting out for a fox I never thought of as some game.... It was nothing but a slog. A slog I could do without since I was up at the crack of dawn I didn't really want to be driving around fields in the middle of the night looking for the murderous little shits!

There's no one in the world that will convince me that a fox doesn't just kill for the pleasure of it.... I've had pens cleared on the rearing field, snares set for the return and it never did. Only to dig its way in to another pen and kill, kill and kill.

I sorry but my views on the fox will never change, I will never have respect for an animal that acts in such a fashion. Some say they are intelligent, and of course in some ways they are but if they were that clever they would try and leave there trail of destruction a little less visible!

As much as I hate them and same goes for any animal that you try and stop by taking its life in any form I do not wish them any suffering. I've fired at foxes all my life, some stone dead and some not and the ones I can't find I hope died as soon and as pain free as possible.

There vermin, there a pest but to them I suppose its natural.

A slog !!! You were in the wrong job mate . I call a slog , a 12 hour shift in a factory or a building site in winter . Try working down a pit or steel works . Sitting in a warm landrover shooting foxes is not a slog . There are young lads on this site who would give their right arm for a keepering job , but will probably never get a start .

I have suffered large losses of pheasants in pens and more often when young poults first get over the wire. I learned from each instance and more often than not the times a fox got in the pen and wreaked havoc it was preventable. I like you have felt sick when filling feed sacks with the bodys of healthy poults. Keepering is a challenge , you are up against weather , predators , dog walkers you name it , but on shoot day when it all goes well , its worth it !!!

Don't worry bud I've done the building site stuff and its a more physically demanding job but it still starts at 8 and you go home at 5 and forget about that day.

Keepering as you know might not be so heavy going but its still physical putting tons of feed out, especially in snow up to your arse. Add to that the mental challenge and mega long hours and very very stressful.

Yes there's a down time where you get a rest but its still a slog at some times.

There is as you say thousands of young lads looking to get into the job. I work very close with my local college.... But equally there's thousands that think they can do it and fail before they start!

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After all these years of keepering if I'm given the choice between a nights foxing or spending the night with my nose up the wifes arse well lets just say foxy gets to live for another day lol

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It depends on the state you are living and this is correct because each state has a different population of foxes. For example, in the United Kingdom they are not. In Ohio you are allowed to shoot them any time. Also, in Minnesota they are and according to the ones which have farms they are definitely.

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