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Seems like someone's got munk on cos I didn't message them back awww sorry

And as for rifles iv been offered a few but not the right one yet, I took it off as it had a problem so I sent it to A&M and its all sorted I didn't want to swap a faulty gun

Nonsense!!! I decided that I wouldn't touch this rifle with a barge pole after 1 of your messages. I asked who carried out the work and you replied "a local gunsmith"! When I asked which 1, your reply was..."well it was actually a friend of a friend that knows a bit about guns"! Now A&M has supposedly done some work in it. How many times now has it been stripped and put back together???


And judging by the pm's I've had since 1st posting on this thread and the lack of response to your sale or swap for the 5th time in a month it would appear that most people agree!!!

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A&M did my regulator and power as the lad I bought it off from this site turned the power down to 3ft/lbs and a local gunsmith who's a friend did service thiss yes, I'm not getting into a slanging match over the Internet but if your ever in doncaster give me a pm and if iv got the rifle still you can shoot it and look for yourself , & anyone can try this rifle out before Evan parting with money it's shoots spot on if it dosnt sell not a problem it will go and get traded in

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