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I Am Such A Shit Shot!!

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When I shoot pigeons I put about 12-13 foot leed. One thing I would recomend is go shooting for one day but use plastick wads so you can se where you are missing from. A better way to do this would be to film the bird as you shoot it (get a friend to do this) and then watch the film in slow-motion. This will help se if you are shooting in front ore behind thus showing how much lead to put on the birds. Hope this helps.

12-13 foot Jesus!! :rolleyes: At what range???? :rofl:


If you asked 10 men on here mate what 13 foot was at a given distance there would be a fair old variety of answers, a bit like an eyesight test.


you got some fast woodies around there mate, don't you think every shot is different?


A wise man setsup so the birds are coming up wind towards you and dropping 30yrds in front of your pattern, even my 6 year old can hit them as there is no lead required at all its point and squeeze, and the day works out cheaper on shells.


Shooting 60yrd high birds in gale force maybe mate but the art of decoying is using your fieldcraft to set up so you don't have to be shooting 60yrd crossers with 13 foot lead, You shoot a lot more mate doing it that way bud, if actual results is what your after. :doh::)

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