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Shoot has been loosing poults to a fox.

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Best way to see a poult killer, I lost 300 poults out a pen once went to feed them and nothing came to the feed I was nearly crying going round picking up all the bodys and killing the wonded ones. It got in trough a pop hole as it was a very small vixen. I sat that night and got the c*nt heading to the same pop hole didnt like a no 3 shot from the pump action.

Then I dug the cubs and shot the dog.


Regards highlander.

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Hello time will tell was it an older fox or young?How did you out smart it & the keeper couldent?

:yes::yes: How did you out smart it?

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Guest Ditch_Shitter
400 birds were killed in one night by a hungry vixen looking for earthworms . . . :hmm:



:rofl:That hit the mark, mate! :clapper:

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Certainly worth clarifying that, although the pesky bugger has one in its mouth its no doubt left a shit load of wasted dead ones behind to rot. Something the liberal bobble hatted numpties seem quite happy to ignore. Earth worms my arse... they can start by eating all the fecking slugs in my garden :boxing:

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