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Falcon Kill In Mid Air

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yeah mate , I lost my female Harris the year before in a hunting accident, sao decided to take the plunge and try a falcon, he has been a pleasure to fly, simply working him on the lure would do for me to be fair, hunting out with him is just a pure bonus, likesay he only youg ad I feel I have not even scraped the surface of what he may be capable of, he is fearless sod, cannot wait to get back out with him,


Must say arctic.. what your doing sounds like top notch hunting to me. . its how I would imagine the ultimate team could end up.

I would love to see your bird and dogs in action..? have you got any clips ? I've seen a few lads flying there falcons and gos's etc etc i once flew a female Spar for a season..that was very exciting. . but what your doing with the Bird and dogs is how i would like to have a go at it one day maybe.





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