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the pikey poacher

Mouse's Pups Regular Updated Pics

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Ye ll be kept busy for the next few weeks with that lot lol

already am mate lol but i would not have it any other way i look forward to getting up in the mornings to go up and see them atb pp

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Black and tan bitch or black dog for me lol.which ye keeping mate?

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think i will be keeping the cream pup after reading the topic lenny s white sold lenny and a pup out of him for 15 grand he phoned me yesterday and asked if id got anything for sale but wanted light coloured bitches not black an tan either white cream or lemon and white said sorry mate only got 5 black an tans and 1 red but there not for sale he said it was for a foriegn bloke i just found out it was an arab that was spending stupid money on dogs changing the colour of my dogs for next time he comes over lol

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