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Paracord Game Carriers *new*

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the 550 cord is 10 times better than the uk stuff to tie with....


its got a coating on the outside and 7 inner woven strands.


this stuff is true survival cord :yes:


you can take out the inner cords and use them singly as fishing line,rabbit snares and so on.... will get a picture up of it :thumbs:


its not just about me tying it...its once the carrier is loaded up,with the weight of 10 rabbits.....I think the uk cord may dig in a bit....


and if the walk is 700m....its going to hurt like hell.


this stuff ties flatter too meaning the handle is a lot smoother and comfier to hold :victory:

The UK stuff aint that bad when its fully loaded. I've now used some softer cord on some of my handles, it does lay nice and flat, plus it gave me the chance to add some colour into them. a

Are you buying in 1000' spools of the 550? nice and cheap in those quantities :thumbs:

What the fcuk am i going to do with 1000ft of a certain colour? :laugh:


I buy them locally in 300ft spools....if somebody REALLY wanted a particular colour, i could buy 50ft, 100ft etc to do what they wanted :thumbs:

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Had a 'brainwave' today...


2 hand carriers can be clipped together with a small carabina (or similar) to form one large carrier for over the shoulders.....like so...




With the 5 loops clipped together its thick enough to pad the back out so it doesnt dig in :thumbs: ...now added to post...


Also after pm's about the paracord....


If you 'gut' it and take out the inner strands, it looks like this....




7 inner strands....




This is true survival cord...


Inner strands can be used as fishing line, snares etc....


For all you bushcraft enthusuasts out there......


Paracord survival bracelet...


Pull on the 'D' ring and the whole thing unravels (but not this one as i use the metal size adjustor...works with a standard double loop)






Not selling these..... just i know they are really handy :yes:

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i recieved my carrier and its very well made and value for money


just what i needed to have in my pocket on shoot days

great to deal with ....recomended

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Thankyou mate :thumbs:


Very versatile these.....



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had a night on the lamp with air rifle, 22 rabbits and boy was it easy carrying them back to the vehicle on these game carriers, very well made and simple to use, tried to upload pics but have trouble with photo bucket, i would recommend these to anyone that gets good numbers.especially if you go on your own. :thumbs:

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