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Most Reliable Semi Auto?

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They all jam some time mate, some more than others. I haqve a Xplor 400 light and that has never jamed, but it did break off an extractor claw after 250 shells. It was fixed by Beretta but it took em five weeks. I have Teknys AL 391 with 30" barrel and extended chokes years old but super reliable not really a field gun though and heavy. Just keep feeding yours 32g shells it helps. Good luck

My Browning jammed a few times the other day using 6s it was easily sorted but Im pretty fu*ked off scene as it was over £1000


It is being fed 70mm 6s like the gunshop told me to feed it on and it still failed to eject today twice, Its under warrenty but the shop is 2 hour away.


But Im hoping it is down to the gun being new its just coming up to 180 cartridges old, Ive stripped and cleaned it every time Ive taken it out and lubed it accordingly It is going back if it does it again.


After it jammed It shot another 30 or so cartridges ok afterwards but its on my mind now.


Maybe I should have got another beretta afterall :blink::huh:

I did the rest of the 250 shells and it hasnt missed a beat since.


But Ive bought a slab of 32grms today to be safe thanks for the advise, To be honest that night I cleaned it and I had dropped a bit of rolling bacco in the action when rolling a siggy so it was my fault, anyway had a great day with it yesterday didnt fail with 29grms cartridges all day.

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Well just a recap on the Browning Maxus.


Ive had it three weeks coming up to 500 cartridges through it already.


And in the last 200 shots its failed to shoot the third round twice but they are dirty cartridges, I only had to pull the shell clear with my finger so no big deal.



Im hoping its just teething as its a brand new gun but I did notice a sharp burr on the bolt that was scoring the inside of the chamber, Ive filed it off now with a diamond file and it hasnt failed to eject since, but Im not 100% satisfyed after spending over a grand, these things should be not overlooked.


The model I bought was the 3.5" magnum with 26" barrel and it had to be ordered in from belgium as it was a rare configuration I wanted, as I also wanted the duck blind cammo.


I dont know if they beef the 3.5" springs up or something as I know the wooden ones are only 3" chambered but this one seems to want for a bigger shell but as of yet I havent put anything bigger than 32grm loads through it.


One word of advise I would give to anyone considering this gun for pigeons, is use the 3/4 choke at least !! as the rest are so wide spread its like a sawn off, since ive tightened the chokes up its chopping birds down at 50yrd for fun.


It is a great gun but do I wish I had gone for a beretta?not really as I wanted cammo and this is a nice little gun it feels like a 20 bore but if Im honest I would have prefered a 28" ou gun but thats just me.

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there's only a few that with cycle all loads






hatsan and webley Scott are renowned for jamming with light loads and i have seen both do so as my mate wanted a semi he mentioned hatsan and i said forget about it if you shooting light loads 2 weeks later after shooting clay's with 71/2s and alot of jams gun got traded for the 2nd beretta 391 i originally told him to get.


well done on the maxus i would love one my self there the only one i really want.


i have had 3 berettas a302 a 390 and now again another a390 with no jams ever



you get wood or plastic stock on the maxus?

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i bought the winchester sx3 after saving the extra and it was well worth it also my son is buying a a300 outlander these two guns both do a camo i have it extreem camo with the winchester but as long as everything worked out in the end mate, good luck with it....mal

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