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Goretex is an excellent waterproof fabric, although there is a BIG BUT. it needs to be kept away from Brambles and Barbed Wire. It may not rip, it gets peirced and then becomes useless as a Waterproof. While serving in the Forces we had several bits and peices made of Goretex and if kept for just walking around and Gaurd Duties it was excellent. As soon as we clambered around in undergrowth and Arctic conditions it leaked like a sieve. Moisture from your Body escaped through the fabric, but froze and spread the Fibres more than they should be, causing leaks and the undergrowth pierced the Fabric as I said and caused leaks.

Stood on a Gun Line or Riding around on a Quad, Goretex is excellent. Out with a Lamp or out digging not recommended, by me anyway. Main reason being it is expensive and wasn't developed for guys pushing through Blackthorn and Brambles or being used at a dig getting covered in Mud and pierced by Flint and Slate etc, etc.

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I have a Whitewaters Outdoor Goretex jacket in realtree . I bought it for a hundred notes off a guy on ebay who imports them from the US. It has a reversable fleece inside as well. It's spot on, except that it's too noisy for stalking, lamping etc. I think that's were the Deerhunter stuff scores as it has a quiet outer shell. :thumbs:

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