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So, Tell Us, What Are Ye All At In The Veg Garden?

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19 hours ago, jok said:

Terry d . What is this all about. No dig. Can't for the life of me see the benefit. What is wrong with old fashioned digging in the autumn. Get rid of all perennial weeds and the problem is solved. We have allotments covered in carpet etc which undoubtably stems the weed growth but to be honest mine is winter dug and there are no weeds showing at all. I still think the old ways are best. Get your local farmer to deliver a load of muck and cover the whole area then come spring just get digging and planting . Simple.jok.

I do both and cover all the angles and see what works :)




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Arry and Terry. I must be a thick old twit. Never once had I thought about growing from the tuber. Bit like a dahlia really. Obvious. Well I'm too late this season because they are in the compost bin, which, following Terry's example is really going well.  I might have mentioned earlier that I have a friendly brewer who lets me have all his spent hops which really does make compost a reality. This has really taken off on our allotments and to be honest, once again, it's only going back to basics. As an aside, garlic and winter onions are looking very strong. Jok.

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Couple parsnips out the ground today to go with sunday dinner. Set up a bed trying 'no dig'. Sorted mi compost heap, getting rid of the plastic one and knocked a couple bigger ones up with pallets. Tryna make the most before weather turns for the worse.




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