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Baikal 12G O/u

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I know that this is an ancient post but I've recently bought an old IJ27 Baikal which had the same problem with the safety coming on after the first shot. It takes 5 mins to fix and the gun becomes a simple manual safety afterwards. Take the butt plate off,,then the stock to reveal the back of the action. Push the top lever over and partly open the gun. You can see both hammers or tumblers move back about 3/4" from the back of the breech and between them a thin strip of metal that's twisted at the top end which seats up under the safety catch. Thread a junior hacksaw blade through the action,above this strip,re-fit it to the saw and cut through the metal strip. Both parts of it will fall out and after a good clean up you have a reliable manual safety catch. It sounds a bit complex but with the dismantled gun in front of you its quite clear what you need to do.

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