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what species of deer is this?

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your right about the cervus nippon wrong about the three legs and tail never had a larder available so had to make do to many of these cervus nippons about starting to breed with our native reds so need to be shot atb :thumbs:Picture223.jpg



Must have had its rear leg and tail shoved up its arse then :D

Only thing I wasnt certain on was if it was 6mm or 8mm or 10mm rope I was certain it was blue though :icon_eek:

And where you had hocked it it wasnt a bowline and bite just a couple of half hitches

it was 6 mm rope :D and wasnt bothered to much about my knots just glad to get it hung with only being myself and as for the back leg being up its arse it did nothing to the taste when the butcher brought back to me there was two nice haunchs in the pack pack along with roasts steaks and burgers :yes::thumbs:


By any chance you havent a few piccies of hybrids have you and I dont mean a couple of budgies sat in a tall tree.


I could do with a few piccies for an article i am intending to do..



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I'm no expert but could it be a pere David deer excuse the spelling if it's wrong :-)

Good guess but a peer David has a much longer face an thicker antlers. And they are only found in parks only 2000 left! Definitely a fallow buck.

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