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My FX VERMINATOR and iPAD 2 16gb for something tastey... Because I'm worth it!

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Yes its really hard to know what you are going through, but all the best and hope u a fast recovery

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Cheers buddy, just got home from a months holiday with the NHS... I'm afraid I won't be getting better according to the docs (degenerative condition)I already had MS, now suffering multiple strokes in the last few months and random blindness etc etc etc poor poor me ahahah! So doing the things I love while I'm able.

Bagged two lovely ducks tonight that'll be getting cooked up soon... Yum...


All the best to you bud

do it all bud do it all

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Thanks for the well wishes guys, I'm good for now so that's all good for the time being :D


Cheers Surrey Shooter, that's about where I value them to at a fair price.


Looking for a multi with some good glass on top, something nice in the rough price bracket (not retail prices...) as items value ideally a straight swap but if not possible something could be worked out either way depending on rifle... Not looking for frills and tassels... Rifle, Scope (if inc) and that's it.

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