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'A bit of this n that'

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you,ve posted in the wrong section :rtfm::nono::D






































cracking post Moll, good stuff :thumbs:

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Very nice pics at least you were out doing a bit

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looks like everyone had a ball, great write up, cracking pics, just.............i thought all bull cross owners wore trackies but maybe the baffies will start a new trend

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Love the pre warning, spot on MOLL one question what camera do you use,or are you one of those people that can take a good picture with anything,



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great pics again moll looks like you had a good day. keep it up

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Variaty is the spice of life..Cracking pic's.. Rudie is looking well and that is just what he need's to reach that next level of fitness for the coming lamping season.. :yes: ..

On the shooting bit i do chuckle to my self everytime i see your trigger finger.. :D

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Thank you very much everyone :victory:


looks like you had a great day

please tell me it was you with the painted nails


I wish mine were as nice Albert.





whats in blaze?


I cant remember now Joel, have a look on Woodga's profile or signature, I'm sure he has it on there :thumbs:


Cracking pics

I thought the vetch flower looked like a trefoil ?


I did think it wasn't Vetch, thanks Dean :D

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some cracking pic moll glad rudy is doing ok he looks like he had fun will all his mate lol.loved the start of you post to lol

He was running on some quite difficult terrain David for over 8 hrs, and has several cuts on his bad leg so i was expecting him lame today. But he is sound :boogy::yahoo:


brilliant read thanks for sharing Moll :thumbs: looks like a great day for you and the dogs. too hot here last few days dogs suffering in the heat. must have been cooler where you were as your all wearing jackets. atb sesku


Up till dinner time i had a tea shirt, fleece and jacket on, sun came out for about a half hour so i removed the fleece :D Lovely weather for the day tbh. Not the normal finger and toe paining cold you have during the season, and not too hot for the dogs :thumbs:


Well done Moll and Co, great pics looks like you had good day in good company, and dogs had a good burn out. Rudy look well nice+ fit ,and the little'un lol, bullxs make good rabbit dogs they will have a go at( any) job in field . :thumbs:


ps you done well with putting the miles in, alot of times you have to to get some sport well done.



Thanks Ray, bullies do love their rabbits. I think with rabbiting they are getting a full day/night of constant adrenalin rushes and rewards.

And isn't it always the way, the best places are always those furthest away :D

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