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Guest cookiemonsterandmerlin

(cookie) iv worked on dairy farms for the last 20 years plus

and clover dus not class as a crop. or for that fact

do any benifits for cows in anyway atall



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(cookie) iv worked on dairy farms for the last 20 years plus

and clover dus not class as a crop. or for that fact

do any benifits for cows in anyway atall


Well milking cows myself from age 12 till my early 30s says slighty diffrent here I have pasted and copied a section from research study :thumbs:



Benefits of White Clover

  • Nitrogen fixation – the conversion of nitrogen from the air into a farm that the plant can utilize. It is estimated that the amount of utilizable nitrogen produced is equivalent to 150-200 KG N per hectare.
  • Intake – ruminant livestock may consume 20-30 percent more white clover than grass.
  • Feed Value – a higher digestibility, protein content and mineral content than grass only swards as identified in Table 1.

Or red clover



The role of red clover


Red Clover is a short-lived perennial that typically persists for two to four years and so is compatible with Italian and hybrid ryegrasses.

Unlike white clover it has an upright growth habit and a strong deep taproot. The upright stems arise from the crown of the plant. Therefore, unlike white clover, it is unable to spread through the sward and colonise vacant sites. This restricts red clover to systems where it can be cut or rotationally grazed.

As the crown of the plant is above ground, damage must be avoided to ensure plant survival and:

  • cutting height should be 7-8 cm
  • optimum grazing heights of aftermaths is 4-6 cm.

Benefits of Red Clover

  • Nitrogen fixation – red clover can fix up to 200 KG N per hectare.
  • High yields – red clover swards are capable of producing up to 15 tonnes of dry matter per hectare.
  • Feed value – protein content is particularly high in red clover.
  • Red clover can improve soil structure due to its deep rooting taproot.
  • Improved animal performance. (Table 2).



Cows feeding in a clover ley :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I know my stuff when it comes to farming working on 2000 acres mixed farm of beef dairy and arable :thumbs:


ATB Cookie


i stand corrected if youv worked on them for 30years youl no you grooving dun on the floors

if you ever need any doing give us a shout! and wyle im there il tell ya how to milk the cows faster and

run the farm better lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I notice no one asked about the pigeons being left with young, there more concerned about the hare, if it was rabbits, no one would mention anything either..Its always the hares that get people up in arms :huh:


As for shooting between fields, it complies, no problem, looks a good day out anyway Les..

Agree there 100% :thumbs:

Nice mixed bag there mate well done bet the old boy liked the hare,few good meals for him there :victory:

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